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Heating Custom Pools in Oviedo, FL

Atlas Pools of Central Florida Offers Pool Heating Options

Atlas Pools of Central Florida should be the first name that comes to mind when you need to heat your custom pool in Oviedo, FL. When the days start to get longer and the mercury begins to rise, it is nearly impossible to delay working on your cannonball form by plunging into the first pool you see. But the water likely has not had enough time to warm up following a brisk Florida winter, so you must choose between dealing with the cold or resisting the urge to splash around your custom pool. However, that does not have to be the case.

Atlas Pools of Central Florida provides heating options to expedite the warming process, allowing you to enjoy summertime fun before spring has truly sprung. Our family-owned business has been serving homeowners in Oviedo, FL and the surrounding area for more than four decades. We offer custom pools as well as all of the necessary accessories and comforts you need to make yours the refreshing leisure setting you deserve. Whether you need a heater to extend the summer fun or help maintain a consistent temperature, we can help. Call or visit us today to learn more about our heating options.

Gas Pool Heaters Quickly and Efficiently Heat Your Water

Gas pool heaters use natural gas or liquid propane to control the temperature of your backyard oasis in Oviedo, FL. Atlas Pools of Central Florida provides gas pool heaters as efficient means of heating the water in your pool. They work by propelling water through a combustion chamber before returning it to your pool's reservoir. Gas heaters work quickly, so you can take your first dip shortly after removing the tarp that has protected the pool all winter. Even better, we provide gas pool heaters with dual thermostats so that you can heat your pool and spa at different temperatures.

Electric Heat Pumps Can Warm Your Pool in Oviedo, FL

An electric heat pump operates in much the same way as a gas pool heater but employs a different energy source. Water will still pass through a warming chamber, but the electric pump creates heat using the outside air. An advantage of using a heat pump in Central Florida is that it will not cost as much to operate here as it would in colder climates. Because the outside air in the summer is already warm, it will require less energy to heat your water. However, it is best not to use a heat pump when temperatures dip below the mid-50s, eliminating the ability to use it as the seasons change. However, what you lose in seasonal effectiveness you gain in durability. The lifespan of electric heat pumps often exceeds two decades.

Using Solar Panels Is the Eco-Friendly Way to Heat Your Pool

The use of solar energy is an increasingly popular method of heating your custom pool in Oviedo, FL. Atlas Pools of Central Florida can provide solar options that deliver heat to your pool's water with great efficiency and little to no consumption costs. We can collect solar energy to heat your pool using solar panels on your roof, solar mats, and dome-shaped solar collectors.

  • Solar panels – The most common method for acquiring solar energy, panels can be placed on the roof of your home to collect direct sunlight. The upfront costs will be higher than their solar counterparts, but they can heat larger pools.
  • Solar mats – A solar mat system is typically used to heat smaller swimming pools. Water is pumped through the solar mats, and the volume of larger pools renders them inefficient. These accessories can be taken down in the winter.
  • Dome-shaped solar collectors – These, too, are best used for small pools, because water is pumped through them.


Call or Visit Atlas Pools of Central Florida for Heating Options

Friends and families make memories that last a lifetime while frolicking in their backyard custom pools in Oviedo, FL. But cold water can deter friends and family from using such a setting for their get-together. Atlas Pools of Central Florida provides a solution to that problem with a host of heating possibilities for your swimming pool. Take advantage of a fast-working gas pool heater, reliable electric heat pump, or an environmentally-friendly solar option to jump-start your summer. We have helped families optimize their capacity for fun in the sun since 1978. Contact us today to learn more about how we can do the same for you.

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