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Custom Indoor Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Transform Your Interior with a Custom Indoor Pool

An indoor pool is the ultimate interior accent. It provides endless entertainment and the space you need to relax, unwind, and enjoy true tranquility without ever leaving home. To achieve the ideal custom design you need for your indoor pool, however, you must work with premier pool contractors who understand the installation process and can tailor everything to your vision.

You need a custom indoor pool installation from Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. Since 1978, our company has helped thousands of home and business owners design and construct stunning indoor pools to match their unique style. From pre-planning to excavation, 3D layout, to custom tile work and water features, we ensure your indoor pool installation experience is all your own. We use only the finest materials, appliances, and methods when bringing your pool to life and take great pride in offering you design, construction, accents, and services that are second-to-none. Contact Atlas Pools today to schedule your estimate and let us give you the indoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

Our Full Range of Custom Indoor Pool Options

At Atlas Pools, we customize your indoor installation down to the smallest detail. From the moment you walk through our doors, we want your experience with us to be unmatched in customization. Shape, depth, tile work, colored lighting – you design it all with complete control and expert guidance from us. Over the past 40 years, we have perfected our custom indoor pool construction methods and kept up with the latest trends, materials, and styles to do more for you. Today, we incorporate top-of-the-line aquatic features for unmatched aesthetics, eco-friendly appliances to save you more. We use sophisticated 3D CAD design technology to show you exactly what your pool will look like before one shovelful of earth is moved. Your experience with us is totally tailored to your style, blending custom services and additions including:

Custom Pool Design

Atlas Pools has a team of seven designers working seven days a week to perfect indoor pool layouts for our customers. Our talented team will work with you closely to build an indoor pool that splendidly blends with your home and lifestyle and adds the features, appliances, and stylish characteristics you want. We bring your pool to life in our design space using PoolStudio's 3D CAD Drawing program, showcasing everything on a 32-inch monitor, so you see everything. We guide you through the entire process, offering more than 190 different pool layouts and 125 tile samples to give you a broad range of ideas and suggestions. Once we are done tweaking and adjusting and everything is perfect, we'll come to your home or business and prepare your pool space, carefully and efficiently, to bring your vision to life.

Pool Paver Stones & Tile

Every indoor pool we design is another chance for Atlas Pools to demonstrate our dedication to artistic design, craftsmanship, and enduring quality. We consider our custom pool designs to be individual works of art. This philosophy applies to everything, down to the paver stones and tile that surround your pool. Building over 200 pools per year, our company has the resources you need to create breathtaking, symmetrical decking and surrounds for your installation. We work with pool industry giant Flagstone for the ultimate paver design and construction, and give you real choice in style, slope, color, shape, pattern, design, feel, and function.

Additional Water Features

Make a stunning architectural statement with your pool. Add the everlasting music of water. Dazzle and delight your guests with multi-colored hydrostreams that are as efficient as they are elegant. Working with Atlas Pools, the only limit to your indoor design is your imagination. We offer an unbeatable selection of aquatic features that make all the difference, including Intelli-brite landscape lighting, therapy jets, custom-shaped pool railings, fountains, waterfalls, and so much more. At Atlas Pools, we know it is often the smallest items that can make the largest impact, and we work hard to offer you the best.

Eco-Friendly Pool Appliances

The perfect indoor pool isn’t simply the installation itself. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes and so many appliances that work in tandem to achieve ideal water quality. Atlas Pools installs entire systems of automated, eco-friendly flow pumps, chlorinators, filters, heat exchangers, and many other devices for your indoor pool. This equipment saves time, eliminates guesswork, protects from corrosion, minimizes chemical costs, corrects pH balance fluctuations, and customizes your settings for the perfect swim experience. Our systems are as easy on your wallet as they are on the environment, providing big performance with a small footprint.

Why Choose Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. for Your Indoor Installation?

Atlas Pools is the largest pool service and repair company in Central Florida. With more than 40 years of hands-on experience and three generations of service professionals working under one roof, we know our clients expect the best from their custom indoor pool designs and installations. From initial design to final follow-up, we are your advocate, designing and automating everything for easy enjoyment, flawless looks, and unmatched convenience. Our award-winning company has earned an A+ rating on Angie's List and the Better Business Bureau for our guaranteed excellence in pool installation and the Orlando Sentinel's "Best Bet" distinction in 2018. We invite you to contact us and discover unsurpassed indoor pool installation that will serve you for life.

Contact Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. for Your Indoor Pool Installation

An indoor custom pool can be the last piece of the puzzle to complete your dream home build or renovation. You can’t trust the construction and design to just any contractor. Choose the expert design, build, and service skills of the true professionals at Atlas Pools and realize your vision of the perfect indoor pool. Let us reflect your personality, taste, and style with a custom indoor pool that is guaranteed to impress. Contact Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. today for your personalized estimate.

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