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Whether you’re training future Olympians or have plenty of space for a pool in your backyard, Olympic size pools are the way to go. When you need the best Olympic size pool builders in Orlando, FL, turn to the team at Atlas Pools. We offer custom competition pools for your home or business.

Competitive swimmers sometimes opt to have an Olympic size pool installed at their home. Training facilities also need high-performance pools to train their athletes. Our experienced team can design and install commercial pools or Olympic size pools at your home. We encourage you to learn more about our services and get in touch with us for an estimate.

What Is an Olympic Pool?

An Olympic size swimming pool is one that conforms to regulated dimensions designed for international competition. You wouldn’t expect an athlete like Michael Phelps to practice in your regular backyard swimming pool. While many of our clients are current or former Olympians and coaches, others are everyday people looking to get more exercise through swimming. If you need an Olympic size pool that meets exact specifications, we have you covered. If you have more flexibility, we can design a custom pool for you.

Olympic Size Pool Dimensions

The standards for Olympic pools are defined by the International Swimming Federation. Traditional Olympic pools are 50 meters long and 25 meters wide, or 164’1” by 82’. There are also precise regulations for lane sizes, although there is some flexibility with depth. Olympic pools require a minimum depth of about six and a half feet, but depths closer to seven feet are preferred. An Olympic size swimming pool that is two meters deep holds approximately 660,000 gallons of water. If competitive swimmers are training to win races and break records, they’ll need to practice in the exact size of the pools they’ll be competing in. Our custom Olympic pools allow you to have a short course pool built with six or eight lanes, a long course pool with eight or ten lanes, and even less standard sizes of competition pools.

Water Treatment for Olympic Size Pools

As Olympic swimming pools can hold upwards of 600,000 gallons of water, attempting to treat and take care of them yourself would be painstaking. Your Olympic size pool will be equipped with a disinfection system. Manual tests on commercial swimming pools should be performed every two hours or as specified by local Orlando codes. If you own a conventional swimming pool, you know how challenging it can be to keep the chemical levels balanced. The team at Atlas Pools of Central Florida offers pool management services for commercial and residential Olympic size swimming pools.

The Benefits of Olympic Size Lap Pools

While many of our Olympic-size pools are built for commercial properties such as training facilities or public pools, we can also install an Olympic pool at your residential property. If you have the free space and budget for an Olympic size pool, you’ll experience many benefits. Whether you’re considering adding a new Olympic size pool to your home or commercial facility, consider the following benefits:

Endurance – A 50-meter pool forces swimmers to work on their endurance, making them ideal for triathletes and open-water swimmers.

Rhythm – Longer distances allow swimmers to get into a rhythm and swim faster. Shorter pools can break the rhythm of their cadence.

Confidence – Large swimming pools can mimic the feel of open water. If you’re comfortable swimming in a 50-meter pool, you’ll be even more confident in a 25-meter pool.

Commercial & Residential Olympic Size Pool Builders

We know you likely have questions about Olympic size pools, such as if you have enough space, if your pool should be indoor or outdoor, Olympic size pool costs, how to maintain your pool, and more. The team at Atlas Pools has more than 40 years of experience and three generations of quality service. As the pool building experts in Orlando, FL, we want you to experience the Atlas Pools difference. We offer swimming pools, spas, water features, decks, lighting, spools, handrails, outdoor kitchens, fire features, screens, and so much more. Our custom pool services include commercial and residential Olympic-size pools. Contact us today to request a quote.

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